5 Tips for Repurposing a Closet


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Closets are an essential part of every space, whether you own a home or are renting an apartment. While they are mostly used for storage space, closets can be transformed into the perfect quiet space in your apartment. Use our tips below to repurpose a walk in closet in your Greenbelt, MD apartment!

Repurposed Closet Makeover Ideas

1) Food Pantry

This is a perfect way to repurpose a closet if your kitchen does not have a big enough pantry to hold your food. If you tend to buy in bulk at the grocery store, repurposing your closet into a food pantry will ensure you have enough space no matter how much you buy. You can get creative with it too! Try building shelves to better organize your items.

2) Mudroom

If you are looking for a purpose for your entryway closet, why not turn it into a mudroom? By transforming the space closest to your entrance, it will help organize all of the clutter in your apartment. Instead of seeing coats, shoes and bags scattered throughout your rooms, you can keep it all in one centralized place. You can use any variation of shelves, cubbies and benches to your liking to create your perfect mudroom closet.

3) Office Space

For this repurpose tip, you may think you need a large closet for it, but you really don’t. All you need to do is have just enough room to fit a desk into your closet and add some shelves to it. The chair you can move around the house and pull it up to your desk closet whenever you need to. Another great thing about having a desk or office space in your unused closet is that it doesn’t need to stay open. Whenever you have guests over and want to make more space, you can just shut the door!

4) Arts and Crafts Space

Repurposing your closet into an arts and crafts room is a great luxury to have. This is the perfect idea for DIY enthusiasts or parents with young children. A closet is the perfect place to store all of your supplies, crafts and collectibles in an organized space full of cabinets and shelves. To keep yourself organize and make the most of your space, use clear, easy to access bins so you know exactly where all of your supplies are. Time to get crafting!

5) Kids Room or Playroom

If you have kids, you’re going to be thankful for this extra space. Transform a closet near your child’s bedroom and turn it into the ultimate toy storage unit. You can put in any variation of shelves, cubbies and baskets to make sure your kids toys are out of the away and decrease the clutter they create. You can also get creative with what toys you put at a height your children can or cannot reach!

Apartments in Greenbelt, MD

The first and most obvious step to repurposing a closet in your apartment would be to find the right apartment to rent. Lerner University Square is the perfect apartment in Greenbelt, Maryland to get started. We have many different floor plans and amenities for our valued residents. To learn more about us or our other Lerner locations, please contact us today!

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