Everything You Need to Know About Living in Greenbelt, MD


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The Best Areas You Should Know of in Greenbelt


Greenbelt, Maryland is not only home to great apartment homes but there are also many fun activities you can do and places you can explore. If you’re interested in living here, or you already do, this list of things you should know and activities you can do should be a must read. Greenbelt is a beautiful town, filled with trees, lakes, and wildlife and just a short ways away from Washington, D.C.. Getting the most of your stay is the main priority, so these helpful ideas should put you on the right track.


Visit a Park


Greenbelt offers many beautiful parks and lakes, such as Lake Artemesia, that you can enjoy with your friends, family, or even by yourself. The peaceful, quaint atmosphere coupled with the slightly cool breeze as it counteracts the sun’s heat creates for a near perfect experience. Some of the parks include: Buddy Attick Lake Park, Greenbelt Park, and even a skate park. If you’d rather not go to one of those parks, there also is a community center and a fitness center that also had a pool.


Go Out to Dinner


Fine dining is another activity that you can partake here in Greenbelt, Maryland. The town of Greenbelt offers many restaurants, ranging from a wide variety of different cuisines and cultures. A crab shack, Chinese food, and other unique cuisines are among the eating establishments where you can go. If you want to go to a five-star type restaurant, Greenbelt has a few of those, too. Dressing up nice and going out to eat great food with your significant other is always nice.


See a Movie


Besides from going to a park or going out to eat, you can take a more laid back route and see a movie instead. Just like most towns, there are many nearby AMC theatres in which you can visit and enjoy the latest movies. Luckily, they are all nearby the University Square Apartment Homes, so if you’re staying there it is very convenient.


Study Up on the Town’s History


Greenbelt may not be the most historical town, but there is a museum that you can visit. The town was birthed right after the Great Depression in the mid 1930s. President Roosevelt created the town along with others to help shelter the victims of the Great Depression, which was basically everyone. So this is just a little preview of the town’s history, and if you want to learn more, come take a visit.


Make Time for Shopping


Shopping is looked at as more of a requirement than doing it leisurely. However, there are many shops within Greenbelt, along with a shopping mall. Anything you need is right nearby in the small, peaceful town. There are also a few boutiques located in Greenbelt where you can appreciate and maybe purchase some of the local work.


Greenbelt, Maryland Apartments

As listed above, there are many activities and things you can do in the town of Greenbelt. If you’re the nature type, stop by one of the parks. Or if you aren’t, treat yourself to a shopping spree. The possibilities are endless in Greenbelt; with a little touch of city paired with a woodland atmosphere. If you’re interested in living in the gorgeous town of Greenbelt; Lerner University Square Apartment Homes offers affordable living with stylish rentals. So schedule a visit with us today to find your future apartment!


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