8 Ways to Decorate Your Apartment Without Paint


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Renovate Your Rental Without Varnishing the Walls

Painting your walls adds a bit of personality and accent to your apartment. But, usually you aren’t allowed to use paint. That’s okay! Because painting is a messy process and there are cleaner, easier ways to express yourself through decorations without changing the color of your walls. With these helpful suggestions, your apartment will be a great reflection of yourself through various other means of decorating.


#1 – Add New Curtains

One of the easiest things you can do, is to add new curtains. Whether it be curtains from home, or If you buy new ones, a simple change such as this goes a long way when decorating your new apartment. You could also use curtains that match the wall’s color if you wanted to take that route.


#2 – Hang Some Posters or Art

Ever have a favorite poster while growing up, or a piece of artwork that you just can’t part with? Well, you can fill up your walls with all kinds of pictures and decorations such as posters, art and pictures. You can even create collages if you want to get super creative.


#3 – Use Mirrors

Hanging mirrors are a cheap way to add a little more flair to your apartment. Not only are they used for you to look at yourself, they also act as a way to reflect sunlight to make rooms appear bigger than they actually are. Although at Lerner University Square we have floorplans that are already big enough, mirrors still do help.


#4 – Dress Up a Corner

Decorating an empty corner can make your apartment feel cozier and stylish. Maybe add some fuzzy blankets, a beanbag chair, or even a small bookcase. Or, you can even place a stack of books or magazines near the window for some reading and relaxation.


#5 – Show Off Indoor Plants

Adding some greenery to your rental makes for a fresh environment and a livelier approach at decorating. There is a wide variety of indoor plants that can thrive while being inside. But, if you didn’t want something alive, you could always go the fake-plant route or even create your own out of paper and hang them around the rooms.


#6 – Convert Old Objects into Organization Tools

If you want to convert and create old pieces of furniture, but you aren’t very handy, have no fear. You can easily transform your old shutter doors into a place to hang your school or work supplies, or anything you want. And, if you want to go further, add a small crated basket at the bottom for your shoes or anything else that you can think of.


#7 – Add Some Pillows and Cushions

If you’re into sewing, then this may be the right suggestion for you. Create some of your own style cushions to place on empty chairs or in vacant spaces. This adds a little more spice to your apartment and you won’t have random empty spaces scattered around. Or, you can just buy pillows and cushions to use from many of the nearby stores.


  #8 – Take Scrapbooking to a Whole New Level

Whether or not scrapbooking is your thing, many creative feats can come out of it that can help you decorate your apartment. With Velcro sticky tape, you can hang your creations on your walls without leaving a mark or any damages. You can hang designs, decals, or anything you’d like.


Apartments in Maryland

All of these aforementioned ideas should give you a great head start on decorating your rental without painting the walls. With these intuitive suggestions, they should point you in the right direction. If you’re willing to try these out and are also interested in getting an apartment in Greenbelt, Maryland for yourself, at Lerner University Square we offer great stylish, affordable rentals. Schedule a tour or apply online today to live better than ever.

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