The Best Arts and Entertainment Sites in Greenbelt, Maryland

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The mature landscapes and eye-catching tall shade trees give Greenbelt, Maryland a unique and comfortable feel. Not only is it the picturesque landscape, but also the large selection of arts and entertainment sites in the area that make Lerner University Square a hidden gem in Greenbelt, Maryland. So, the good news is that if you are looking for fun and eclectic ways to spend your time then there is plenty to do around Lerner University Square! If you are into the arts and enjoy fun, entertainment and history, then there are a few places around town that you need to visit!

The Old Greenbelt Theatre

The Old Greenbelt Theatre is a newly remodeled one-screen movie theatre that was originally built in 1938. When you walk through the theatre doors it is as if you were transported back in time. The old-time and classic feel of the theatre located in the heart of Greenbelt, Maryland makes it worth a visit if you are into contemporary film viewing and historic sites.

Greenbelt Museum

If you are looking for a way to spend your day soaking up the rich history of Greenbelt, Maryland then you have got to visit The Greenbelt Museum. Located a short 12 miles just outside of our nation’s capitol, The Greenbelt Museum will fill you in on the historic wonders of this quaint and unique town. The history of area and the surrounding area of the museum itself boasts beautiful parks, a small town feel, historic relics and playgrounds make a day trip to the museum a fun and educational way to spend your day around Lerner University Square.

Laugh Out Loud Stations

Looking for a fun, exciting and mega entertaining way to spend the day? If an action packed filled day of laser tag, inflatable obstacle courses, a 360 degree tumbler, air cannon gaming and so much more sounds like fun to you, then you have got to visit Laugh Out Loud Stations while in the Lerner University Square area. A large variety of entertaining, thrilling and exhilarating attractions coupled with food and drink sets Laugh Out Loud Stations apart from all the rest! Eat, play and party all day at this amusing entertainment site in Greenbelt!

Club 125

Located in the heart of Greenbelt and attached to the Greenbelt Theater, Club 125 is a newfound community clubhouse that houses a wide variety of educational programs, social events and activities for adults and children alike. The community clubhouse is open around the clock for building, playing, and crafting activities that are fun for the whole family! The club house also hosts wine tastings, music events, trivia and many other games. Go get your fun on at Club 125 in Greenbelt, MD!

The Greenbelt Arts Center

The Greenbelt Arts Center is both a performance “black box” theatre space for guest productions and events, as well as a Community Theatre company that is known for its high quality shows. The venue is all general admissions so be sure to buy your tickets in advance and show up early to get seats!

As you can see, Lerner University Square is surrounded by entertaining, artistic and fun ways to spend your free time. If you are looking for an area to call home that is bounded by the history of Greenbelt, MD and full of exciting and educational things to do, then Lerner University Square is where you should be!

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