7 Spots to Get Some R & R in Greenbelt, MA

The staff at Lerner University Square knows how important it is for a little relaxation in all of our lives. We have considered the most desired places around to catch up on some Zs or take in Virginia’s beautiful surroundings. These 7 places will get you updated on spots around town for the ultimate relaxation.

1. The Sparkling Community Pool

Lay by the large pool in Lerner University Squareand catch some sunrays. You don’t have to be bothered by anyone for the day. Pop in your headphones and relax next to the sparkling pool on your day off for rest and relaxation done right.
Image via Lerner University Square

2. Greenbelt Park

Get away for the weekend by visiting this scenic park and setting up camp. Make sure to make reservations for a campground at around $16 per night. There are over 170 campground sites with bathroom facilities available. What better way to get some R&R than literally taking in nature first hand! Visit their website for more information.
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3. Brookside Gardens

Brookside is an award winning botanical garden located in Silver Spring, MD, right outside of Greenbelt. Spend your day site seeing around the beautiful conservations and public displays. Nothing is more relaxing then taking in the smell of the luscious flowers of a natural environment. Admission is free for all. After your visit, catch up on some quiet reading in their horticultural reference library.

4. Buddy Attick Park

With a beautiful lake and plenty of hiking trails along side, Buddy Attick Park is the perfect place to get lost in serenity. Take the 1.5 mile hike alongside Greenbelt Lake and be able to relax at the end. Whether you prefer by bike or foot, the park offers beautiful land to take a nap on after your hike. Or perhaps you prefer to fish along the lake for some relaxation time. Whatever it is that keeps you at peace, Greenbelt Lake is sure to have it.

5. Greenbelt Museum

Maybe your idea of relaxation is hearing about some history and being part of a small tour. You can spend the afternoon here to tour the sites of several artifacts, displays, and history lessons on a quiet Sunday afternoon. The historical time period will make you thankful for the lavish way we live today!

6. Schrom Hills Park

You will feel a breath of fresh air at Schrom Hills Park with award winning trees and a community pavilion. Why not get together with your significant other for a relaxing picnic in the park?  After lunch, take a calm stroll along the paved pathways and gardens. Hello R&R, we missed you.

7. Old Greenbelt Theatre

Watching the latest blockbuster film is an easy way to relax, perfect for a date night. The Old Greenbelt Theatre is a great way to kick back in comfy theater seats with a popcorn and soda in hand. This class theatre has such a friendly atmosphere where you will have no problem kicking your feet up after a long week.

Life gets way too busy sometimes and we have to remember to do some things that make us happy. We must never forget how to relax! Greenbelt, MA is the perfect location to soak in the friendly environment or take a stroll in the park. If getting in the car is not in your definition of relaxing, stay at home and take advantage of the community and apartment amenities at Lerner University Square that will not disappoint. All of our apartments are renovated and equipped with modern appliances, spacious floor plans, and private balconies to allow you to be able to relax in your own home. Call us today at (877) 468-1314 to open your world up to relaxation everyday.

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