14 07,2017

Image via Pexels With spring-cleaning in the past and summer in full swing, redecorating your apartment will give you something fun to do if you don’t want to be out in the summer heat. Summer style is easy to achieve if you put your mind to it. This list will give you easy tips and tricks to […]

07 06,2017

Image via Wikimedia Commons Easy Apartment Décor Ideas to Try No matter how beautiful your apartment is, there’s always room for improvement, and countless ways to incorporate new interior design elements into your home. Here are five DIY projects that apartment renters will love, regardless of your style or taste:   1.     Paint an area […]

07 05,2017

Image via Pexels   Whether you’re moving into a new apartment with your best friend or a complete stranger, the thought of living with someone else can be frightening. After all, you will be sharing a living space with another person, along with added responsibilities, such as rent and utility bills. Although the thought of […]

31 03,2017
lerner university square

Image via Pixabay Searching for a new place to call home is a big milestone. Whether it is your first apartment or your third, each experience is different. Finding the perfect apartment takes a lot of time, paperwork and research. Although you probably have a lot on your mind while visiting various apartment complexes, it […]

16 03,2017

Image via Wikimedia Commons Enjoy These Activities in our Beautiful Community Greenbelt, Maryland is a part of Prince George’s County, one of the fastest growing places in the United States. It serves as the intersection point between four major highways, providing a convenient means of transportation. If you live in the city of Greenbelt, you […]

08 02,2017
Apartment patio

Moving into a new apartment home feels like starting with a blank canvas. At Lerner University Square, we provide beautiful apartments, complete with several amenities. However, there is always room for each resident to make an apartment feel more like home. With some simple upgrades, you can make your blank canvas of an apartment into […]

12 01,2017

Image via Shutterstock   Closets are an essential part of every space, whether you own a home or are renting an apartment. While they are mostly used for storage space, closets can be transformed into the perfect quiet space in your apartment. Use our tips below to repurpose a walk in closet in your Greenbelt, […]

15 11,2016

Image via Pexels   The Best Areas You Should Know of in Greenbelt   Greenbelt, Maryland is not only home to great apartment homes but there are also many fun activities you can do and places you can explore. If you’re interested in living here, or you already do, this list of things you should […]

06 10,2016

Image via Pexels   Renovate Your Rental Without Varnishing the Walls Painting your walls adds a bit of personality and accent to your apartment. But, usually you aren’t allowed to use paint. That’s okay! Because painting is a messy process and there are cleaner, easier ways to express yourself through decorations without changing the color […]

22 06,2016

Image via Ross Sutton The mature landscapes and eye-catching tall shade trees give Greenbelt, Maryland a unique and comfortable feel. Not only is it the picturesque landscape, but also the large selection of arts and entertainment sites in the area that make Lerner University Square a hidden gem in Greenbelt, Maryland. So, the good news […]